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Event Series


Tackling the Labor Shortage With Integrated Automation Systems

(A Keep America Machining® Event)


Oct 26th & 27th, 2021

At the Barbaric & IMA Schelling Showroom

in Raleigh NC, (or via live stream)

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Is your company ramping up production but struggling to find qualified employees? Have you considered automation but are unsure of the benefits vs. costs?​​​​​

Join C.R. Onsrud, Barbaric, and Microvellum on October 26th and 27th to explore how integrated automation systems & software could help your business tackle the labor shortage, increase throughput, and reduce your cost per part.


At this event you will:

  • Experience the latest C.R. Onsrud, Barbaric, and Microvellum automated panel processing technology
  • Learn how to evaluate if your company is ready for automation
  • Determine the level of automation that is right for your business:
    • Full Automation - automated material selection and loading, CNC machining, automated offload, and automatic sorting and stacking of nested parts - even from rolling nests (where each nest is unique)!
    • Partial Automation - Automated machining with automated infeed or offload
    • Automated Routing Only - machine your parts but handle material flow manually or with cost-effective aids (like vacuum lifts)


Additionally, all attendees will get an exclusive look at a fully automated material handling, high-speed machining, and vision-based part stacking & palletizing system that resides at the Barbaric and IMA Schelling showroom in NC.  


We’ll have time for Q&A after each session, so bring your questions!

Event Session:

  • October 26th - 10:30 AM 
  • October 26th - 1:30 PM (Available Live Stream - 1.25hrs)
  • October 26th - 4:00 PM
  • October 27th - 10:30 AM (Available Live Stream - 1.25hrs)
  • October 27th - 1:30 PM
  • October 27th - 4:00 PM 


Food & Drink For In-person Attendees: (Please notify us of any food allergies)

10:30 Sessions - Coffee & Breakfast Snacks

1:30 Sessions - Lunch Provided

4:00 Sessions - Snacks, Beverages, and Beer


Featured LIVE DEMO Equipment:


Live Stream Info:

While filling out the event registration form to the right, choose a time slot with "live stream" in the drop-down and you will be sent a live stream link prior to the event date. 


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