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Featured Machines: HM-Series, EX-Series, C-Series (Click machine to view video)




  • Three days of CNC demos, educational seminars, and plant tours, running September 10th, 11th, & 15th from 1:00 PM EST - 4:00 PM EST
  • Live Machining of Aluminum, Steel, Aluminum Extrusions, and Plastics
  • Machine Walk-throughs & Machining Demos of the NEW 2020 5-Axis HM-Series, NEW 5-AXIS EX-Series Extrusion Processing Machine, and 3-axis C-Series
  • One-on-one CNC consultations (Sign up below)
  • One-on-one financing consultation (Sign up below)
  • Aluminum Sawing presentation from IMA Schelling
  • Material Handling presentation from Barbaric



1.  Review the activity descriptions below the form.

2.  Once you have chosen the activities you want to attend, check the boxes of the days and time-slots that best fit your schedule. 

3.  Upon submitting your form a web page will load with all the activities you just have chosen. To save these to your personal calendar simply follow the direction on this page.

4. When the event goes live, your calendar will notify you when each live-stream session you signed up for is starting and the link within your calendar event will provide you with access directly into the live-stream.

5.) The day before the event you will also receive an email with access to your "Event Control Center" which will allow you to switch between the two live-stream event channels that will be running simultaneously on each event day and provide a schedule for each channel.  

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Choose Your Activities

Activity Descriptions

Read about the Activities below, sign-up for the dates and times you would like to attend above 


Time-slots: Thursday, Friday, Tuesday - 1:00 pm

Activity Type: Factory Tour

Get a tour of C.R. Onsrud's State-of-the-Art manufacturing facility where machines start as raw plate, are cut out on plasma and laser CNC's, welded together, stress relieved, media blasted, precision CNC machined, painted, assembled, and checked for quality and performance standards.

Large-format, High-speed Aluminum Cutting and Steel Machining Demonstration (HM-Series Milling Center)

Time-slots: Thursday, Friday, Tuesday - 1:40 PM

Get a close look at and watch a live demo of our fully enclosed twin-table 5-axis 75HP Hybrid Mill. If you need a large-format machine for cutting aluminum or steel with high material removal rates, you don't want to miss this presentation. Featured Machine: CR Onsrud HM-Series 5-Axis Milling Center

Demonstration of the Ultimate in Productivity for Processing Aluminum Extrusions (EX-Series Extrusion Machining Center)

Time-slots: Thursday, Friday, Tuesday - 2:40 PM

Learn about unique solutions specifically designed for aluminum extrusion machining. Five and three-axis machining with sawing, drilling, routing, and tapping capabilities. Find out how to minimize changeover time with programmable clamp positioning. Featured Machine: CR Onsrud 'Extreme' X-Series 5-Axis Profile Machining Center

High-Speed Plastic Machining & Pendulum Processing Demonstration (C-Series CNC Router)

Time-slots: Thursday, Friday, Tuesday - 2:00 PM

Watch first hand how the benefits of Pendulum Processing reduce spindle downtime and increases productivity. Learn how a fixed bridge, ball screw driven machine gives you the best performance, precision, and edge quality with high-speed cutting of HDPE. Featured Machine: CR Onsrud C-Series 3-Axis high-speed Router

Demonstration of the Efficiency of Nested-based Manufacturing of Aluminum Plate (G-Series CNC Router)

Time-slots: Thursday, Friday, Tuesday - 2:20 PM

See the speed and versatility of an Industrial CNC Router with no clamps or fixtures cutting aluminum plate. Watch how nested based machining can increase material yield and reduce setup. Featured Machine: CR Onsrud G-Series 3-Axis Wide Gantry Machine

CNC Routers in the Job Shop Environment

Time-slots: Thursday, Friday, Tuesday - 2:00 PM

These aren't your normal wood routers! Discover how heavy-duty CNC Routers are changing the machine shop environment. Save time and money with high-speed cutting and better material yields.

How Machine Monitoring & Analytics can help your shop efficiency

Time-slots: Thursday, Friday, Tuesday - 3:00 PM

Are you really getting the most bang for your buck? See how Osync can make sure you are getting the best ROI on your machine as well as keep your machine running longer.

Introduction to Vacuum Fixturing

Time-slots: Thursday, Friday, Tuesday - 2:20 PM

Learn how to hold parts without clamps! How do vacuum tables and fixtures work? Reduce set-up times by using vacuum fixturing.

Head-to-head: CNC Machining Centers vs Waterjets, Plasma, & Lasers for Processing Aluminum Plate

Time-slots: Thursday, Friday, Tuesday - 2:40 PM

Learn how high speed CNC Machining Centers can improve efficiency of processing aluminum plate versus Waterjets, Plasmas, or Lasers. Find out how the hourly run costs are significantly less and provide additional capabilities.

Sawing Aluminum without Slivers - (IMA Schelling)

Time-slots: Thursday, Friday, Tuesday - 3:00 PM

Aluminum cutting without producing narrow trim slivers with Schelling’s unique “clean up cut” option Featured Machine(s): Schelling fm8

Demo Medley

Time-slots: Thursday, Friday, Tuesday - 3:20 PM

Watch all event demos from the day's event run at one time and switch between them using your Zoom dashboard. 

Group Discussion / Q&A

Time-slots: Thursday, Friday, Tuesday - 3:40 PM

Moderated open discussion - maybe let people vote on questions or just ask them out loud for all to hear


Sessions: scheduled after the event

Would you like to speak with a CNC expert on your application? Get one-on-one help with one of our experienced industry leaders.


Sessions: scheduled after the event

Do you have some specific questions you would like to discuss in regards to financing equipment? You can speak privately with our in-house finance director.










How to Join the Event via Zoom


Step 1: Make sure you have download and installed Zoom

Step 2: Click the link to the Activity in you calendar Event

Step 3: Click the "Open" button the pop-up prompt

Step 4: If you are already in another Activity click the "Leave & Start" button to switch to the new Activity channel